Vitronics Soltec Delta wave 6622-CC

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Vitronics Soltec Delta wave 6622-CC in zeer goede conditie.
Bouwjaar 1999

Flexible Preheat configuration
When production requirements change, a different heater bank can be field retrofitted in seconds. The available preheater length is 1.8 meter (6 feet). The preheater can be configured with any combination of Forced Convection, Medium Wave IR, or Long Wave IR Calrod emitters. Each heating unit is PID controlled and has heat guiding plates to maintain even heat distribution from edge to edge. The total preheat length is enclosed with top side covers and focused exhaust. 
Flexible solderwave
The Solder Wave can be easily converted into Double Wave, Smart Wave, or Combi Wave. Dross is automatically separated from the wave area and contained in an easily accessible separate dross compartment. This allows a simple dross removal process without interupting production
Finger transport system
Easily removable spring loaded titanium fingers are provided as standard. A variety of fingers are available to handle special PCB’s or pallets. A rotating liquid brush finger cleaner is also provided as standard
The NitroWave creates a hood free inert environment over the wave(s). Wetting is improved and dross dramatically reduced.

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