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  • HA 06 Reflow Oven
    HA 06 Reflow Oven

    HA06The HA06 is the smallest oven of our range reflow ovens

    Highlights:∙ Suitable for single sided as well as double sided pcb’s.
    ∙ Working at single fase power.
    ∙ Viewing proccess to glass window
    ∙ Print size fit to…

  • Mistral 260 Reflow Oven
    Mistral 260 Reflow Oven

    Mistral 260 Reflow OvenThe Mistral 260 is a very populair model. It fit perfectly in small to medium production lines. It can be used with single phase power sources!
    The Mistral series convection reflow soldering systems uses…

  • Seamark KTS 430 Reflow Oven
    Seamark KTS 430 Reflow Oven

    KTS-430 Reflow Oven:

    1. High efficiency and energy-save Swedish 110V nickel-chromium heating pipe is used in heating system (replacement within three years), radiation power peak wavelength 4UM, equipped with surface reflector,…

  • Seamark KTS 800 Reflow Oven
    Seamark KTS 800 Reflow Oven

    KTS-800 Reflow Oven:

    1. Every single heating zone can be individually closed on its software.
    2. High efficient air lane, provides abundant air.
    3. High strength and hardened rail, is very durable and wear-resistant.
    4. Automatic…

  • Seamark KTS 1200 Reflow Oven
    Seamark KTS 1200 Reflow Oven

    KTR-1200 Reflow Oven:

    1. Heating zones

    Every heating zone can be closed separately on the computer. When the bottom heating zones are closed, the PCB two sides temp. different reaches max. (PCB of different material, thickness,…

  • Juki RS 600-II N2
    Juki RS 600-II N2

    Voor meer informatie omtrent voorraad en prijzen, klik hier.

    Juki RS 600-II N in excellent condition.
    Vintage: 2014Features:
    Modular Design
    • Modular design provides quick and simple maintenance reducing maintenance time and…


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